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Super Crypto Kids is an educational metaverse platform for educators to teach financial education to K-12 students in a 3D immersive digital environment.  Our educational metaverse provides educators with a turnkey platform equipped with interactive gamified lessons that teachers can use to teach students while also having the ability to track and monitor a student’s progress in real-time. 

To empower educators to teach financial literacy in game-based approach to close the financial literacy gap.
Diversity and Inclusion are at the heart at of everything we do. We aim to give every child the opportunity to be enriched, empowered, and educated on the financial transformation.
Our values are grounded by the idea that our success is measured by the positive impact on our communities and the world.
Based on this premise, we created the ethos “I.M.P.A.C.T,” which means:

I - Inspire
M - Motive
P - People
A - Action
C - Communities
T - Together


We encourage all our students to embody the “IMPACT” mantra to cultivate a philanthropy mind-set.     Not only are we teaching children how to become financially literate, but we’re also showing them how to be reflective, caring, and contributing citizens.
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The founder

Shari V. Harrington

With decades of experience in financial management & leadership, Shari Harrington is an entrepreneur, budget advisor, and financial literacy enthusiast. For as long as she can remember, she has been fascinated with the world of numbers, and her early childhood experiences helped shape her future career.  

In elementary school, she was part of the “Big Buddy” program that paired young minds with college students. Her buddy during the program was passionate about making an impact, which resonated with Harrington and inspired her to live a life of purpose. Since that day, she has been constantly seeking ways to help individuals shine, such as supporting her younger brother in conceptualizing his successful venture capital firm, Eonxi LLC. Today Harrington is the founder of Super Crypto Kids, a summer camp and after-school program designed to promote financial literacy in students.  

While financial literacy among youth is low in the US, it is even lower in underserved communities. After spending twelve years as a budget liaison for Senior Executives in the public sector, Harrington realized the need to create an organization that could empower young minds with the knowledge they need to succeed in an economically complex world.  Through her organization, she hopes to immerse all youth in cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and other emerging technology to help them become trailblazers in the 21st century.  

With a vision to support all communities, Super Crypto Kids aims to give every student the opportunity to gain financial knowledge so they can build a brighter tomorrow. By partnering with brilliant minds across various industries, Harrington strives to boost access to the information necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing world of today. Through her organization, she not only endeavors to create a community of financially informed youth but a powerhouse of young entrepreneurs and visionaries passionate about playing their part and giving back to their communities.  
Our Team

The founder

All Members

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