What We Do

Bridging the Financial Literacy Divide 

We empower educators to teach financial literacy through a metaverse game-based platform that provides a 3D immersive learning experience for students.  
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What We Do

Breaking the Cycle of Financial Illiteracy

Cultivating youth curiosity through a cutting-edge program that promotes financial literacy through emerging technology to navigate the new era of decentralization and Web 3.0 global world.

How we do it?

We are redefining the way students learn financial literacy skills 

We provide school districts and educators with a framework that will help young minds develop the skills needed for the real world.  


Real-time 3D photorealism
interactive game (Unreal
Engine 5) that will engage
students while teaching them
personal finance skills.


3D environments that are collaborative and inclusive with humanistic Avatars of different ethnicities.


Curated to mirror real-world
application and the global


Provide a platform that is
accessible on laptops,
chramebooks, tablets and

We are Leveling Up  

Amidst the rapidly evolving financial & technological landscape, it has become essential to inform our youth about their financial choices. Our curriculum is designed to overcome the deficiencies of the US educational system.

Why Super Crypto Kids? 

We save teachers time with planning, teaching & grading

We provide an innovative platform that is aligned with educational standards that educators can use as a standalone or use to supplement their lessons.  

Pre-built micro lessons and allow teachers to track students' progress and receive real-time feedback.


Tap into the virtual world where any teacher or student can connect in 3D interactive environments and feel like they are in-person.


Teachers can personalize students learning with 1-on- 1 interaction which allow students to work at their own pace.


A unified interface that integrates with LMS systems.

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See What Our Client Say

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Lizzie Reed
“Accusantium unde et voluptatem aspernatur. Voluptatem et tenetur quasi aut expedita occaecati id vel.”
Marta Mertz
“Est omnis nostrum dolor modi incidunt. Excepturi qui aperiam mollitia. Sapiente velit.”
Cecelia Waters
“Et autem ea. Sed ut rerum iusto. Eligendi repudiandae repudiandae illum ipsa ut velit.”
Oscar Schmitt
“Optio nesciunt delectus in vel cum. Officiis optio minus tempore. Tempore quidem.”
Judith Price

Did You Know ?

In the US there’s a growing financial literacy problem among today’s youth.

4 in 7

Americans are financially illiterate.

4 in 5

youths failed a financial literacy quiz

3 in 5

adults don’t keep a budget

2 in 3

families lack an emergency fund
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